Friday, July 30, 2010

Natural indigo workshop Season !!

Studio Naenna is very happy to announce the beginning of our indigo workshop season. The rains have finally sunk in and the Indigo plants we kept alive over the long dry season are ready to be harvested. This year we have increased our workshop into three separate stages to allow more time and focus on each stage of processing indigo from a green leaf plant to beautiful blue fabric.
The three workshops available are;
1. From plant to paste
2. Preparing a natural indigo vat
3. Dyeing with indigo
 All of these workshops are open to all whom are interested and group bookings are available for up 5 people and up. You can choose to come to any one or all of the workshops not necessarily in numerical order as well. Come and join us if celebrate one of the beauties of nature, Indigo blue.

The first dates of the first stage "From Plant to paste" workshops are:

1st group date 2- 4 August 2010
2nd group date 12-14 August 2010

Location Studio Naenna Main gallery
138/8 Soi Changkhian, Huay keow Road Chaing Mai
( See map on contact us page of
For more information please call +66 (0) 5389-5136
or email to

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