Wednesday, October 1, 2014


7th and 8th October 2014

Natural dye two day workshop with Patricia Cheesman

The dyes provided:
Indigo (Blue)
Annatto (orange)
Ebony (grey)
Jackfruit wood (yellow)

These colours can also be over-dyed to produce green, olive, tan, brown and black.

Studio Naenna will provide two pieces of cotton fabric the size of a scarf for decorating with shibouri and then dyeing. If participants wish to bring their own fabric it must be pure cotton, hemp or silk, un-dyed, clean, new and pre-washed. The maximum is 2 scarf size pieces each. Silk and cotton yarn is also available for purchase at the Studio for dyeing.

The workshop includes instruction on some shibouri techniques and the natural dye methods. Equipment provided includes gloves, aprons, dye vats, gas stoves etc.

A snack with tea and coffee will be provided at the mid-morning and mid-afternoon break as well as a packed lunch. A choice of Thai dishes can be ordered from local restaurants and taken on the verandah of the Studio. Hot and cold drinking water is provided.

Cost: 1 person 2000 baht
Time: 10am – 3pm.

Please confirm your place and make your booking early by sending us your request by email at or telephone soonest (see below).
Best regards

Lamorna Cheesman

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